Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Repeat of last Wednesday's post

Here is what I posted on my wordpress blog. I'm putting it here since I am going to be continuing this blog and not the other one.

I am going to write about one of my loves—food. Since signing up for satellite TV I have been addicted to the Food Network. When my significant other says can we just have some normal food instead of always —as he puts it “going Giada on me.” As in Giada DeLaurentis. Our Food nicknames for each other are I’m “Giada” and he is “Bobby Flay.” As you may tell we like food. We enjoy cooking at home and are very discriminating when we go our since if we don’t say so ourselves we’re pretty good cooks.
So, I think I will share some of our favorite food stories and recipes here as well as some of my arts and crafts.

A little while back I tried making baked onion rings—a recipe from Rocco Dispirito. They turned out great. My SO thought I’d baked them from a frozen bag and when I told them they were from scratch he was impressed. They were easy to do. Dip onion slices (sweet ones work best) in buttermilk, then panko crumbs, bake in 400° oven for 15-20 minutes, turning once. I use the non stick foil and usually give them a quick spray of oil. Yum!

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